Soft Commodities


Fujax Agricultural Division sources and supplies various grades of rice from different originations globally with a key focus on Thailand, India, Pakistan, Vietnam & Brazil. The rice is supplied in standard 50 kg bags; however, we also supply 25kg and 1Mt Bulk Bags in addition to smaller 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, and 10kg SKU pack sizes if specifically required for wholesale, retail sale and distribution. Fujax supplies rice through our well-established trading hubs across East and Sub-Saharan Africa in containers and breakbulk. The rice grades supplied range from standard 100%, 5%, and 10% white & parboiled rice grades to specialised Basmati and fragrant varieties derived from the best sources in the world.


Fujax sources and supplies both White (45 Icumsa) and Brown Sugar (150 Icumsa up to various VHP grades) from Comesa and Non-Comesa countries such as Zambia, Swaziland, Malawi, South Africa and Brazil to a network of regional customers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Utilising our well-established supply sources and strong transport and shipping networks we ship, transport, and supply all grades of sugar in containers or breakbulk to meet our client’s specific requirements in the core trading hubs we operate in.


Fujax sources and supplies Maize regionally across East and Sub-Saharan Africa through its various supply chain networks, combining logistical and financial strength to its Sub-Saharan grains book. Maize and its by-products are currently supplied in Bulk or 50Kg Bags.

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